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Residential Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Residential Popcorn Ceiling Removal-Port St Lucie Popcorn Ceiling Removal _ Drywall Repair Pros

Popcorn textured ceilings are becoming a popular question in residential establishments. Although the task of residential popcorn ceiling removal can be messy, it is possible to make your home look great.

Popcorn ceilings are no longer fashionable, so homeowners who have recently moved to the area need to understand how to get rid of them. It is easy to remove popcorn texture but can be difficult if done incorrectly.

This document will show you how to quickly remove the popcorn ceiling from the wall without making a mess. This write-up will provide valuable tips for removing the popcorn ceiling from walls. Let’s first look at popcorn ceilings.

What are the Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings were a typical style in the 1960s. They are a texture that is added to plaster or drywall ceilings.

This was a great way to add visual and textural interest overhead. This ceiling can conceal imperfections and doesn’t require any painting after it has been applied.

However, over time, popcorn ceilings become more challenging to maintain clean and dust-free. Therefore, they must be removed.

How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Another option is to learn how to remove popcorn ceilings yourself. This DIY approach is straightforward and requires only a few tools. It is not easy. It can take more time to remove a popcorn ceiling than you planned.

Here are the tools you need to make popcorn ceiling removal more accessible and quicker.

Clothes that are easily destroyed: Don’t put on clothes that you don’t intend to wear to an event. A disposable crawl suit with a removable hood, which you can remove after scraping, would be great. It costs $7.60. You can wear protection to protect your eyes and prevent glop from falling from the ceiling.

A sprayer: This is available for $9.97 at the store, along with some fabric softener.

A scraper: Any six- to ten-inch drywall knife can be used as a scrapper. You can use a Homax tool for popcorn scraping that costs $21.99 and has a loop attached to a trash bag. This allows you to scrape directly into your bag, not onto your floor.

Drywall joint compound and putty knives: This compound, also known as “mud,” is $5.48 online. You can use your scrapper as a double-purpose putty knife.

A sander: The drywall sander pole is the most basic and costs $19.98. It includes a pivot and a pole, allowing you to sand the entire ceiling from where you are standing.

Paint and roller: Experts believe ceilings can be painted with flat-white latex. Make sure you get enough color to do two coats. It is crucial to buy the correct type of ceiling paint and primer. To avoid cutting into the edges of the ceiling, it is best to paint the walls and ceiling in the same color.

Light and dam: Although this is unnecessary, it may be helpful to have some additional lighting focused on the ceiling so you can see what you are doing and dry things out while you work.

Here are some essential tips for removing popcorn ceiling from walls

  • How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling From Walls
  • Here are ways to reduce the stress of removing the popcorn ceiling.
  • Perform a scrape test

Before you begin to prepare your room, try scraping a small area. The ceiling texture should be dried first. After it has dried, dampen it with water and then retry. Some textures can be removed without water, but most are best when wet.

If the water does not soak in or the texture is not softened, the paint may be added to the texture mixture, or the ceiling might have been painted. If this happens, you might need to wet the ceiling. In such cases, you must decide whether to scrape or conceal your popcorn ceiling.

Asbestos should be checked.

If your popcorn ceiling was installed before 1977, it must have been mixed with some asbestos, and the chalk-and-wallboard compound used to construct this material. Some builders might have continued to include asbestos in their supply list even after the asbestos laws were passed.

Port St Lucie Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Drywall Repair Pros recommend getting a kit to test your ceiling for asbestos. There is still the possibility that asbestos could be found in your popcorn ceiling.

Check your local laws regarding the disposal and removal of asbestos. Be cautious and wear disposable cloth such as a crawl suit, goggles, and respirator.

Prepare your space for a huge mess.

With all the sanding, scraping, and other activities that are about to begin, you might feel like heaven is falling. Protect your most valuable belongings by removing all furniture and covering large items with plastic sheets. Use plastic drop cloths to cover floors and walls and attach them with heavy-duty painter’s tape.

Make sure to remove ceiling fans and fixtures before you begin work. Cover exposed electrical outlets with painter’s adhesive. Before you start working, make sure that the electrical components are off-limits. Ensure you have all the necessary materials, including a garden sprayer and gloves, a ladder and a pro hand scrapper, and protective eyewear.

Take the furniture off.

You will need to move your furniture from your working area. When moving the ladder, make sure that there aren’t any obstacles. You can remove some items from the room but not all of them. If this happens, you can cluster the items and cover them with drop cloths.

Ceiling fans and ceiling fixtures should be removed

Although you might think it’s easy to leave electrical fixtures suspended from the ceiling while searching for a solution, you will be amazed at the disruption they can cause. Also, make sure to cover them with popcorn. You also want to avoid accidentally spilling water into an outlet.

Spray can light with water, but be careful.

To ensure that your popcorn ceiling removal job is completed successfully, you can stuff rosin paper or newspaper into your recessed can. Also, ensure you turn off power to electrical devices at the circuit breaker or fuse box.

To wet, use a pump sprayer.

A pump sprayer is a great tool to make scrapping easy and create a dust-free environment when removing popcorn ceilings. Spray the ceiling with the sprayer and let it soak for around fifteen minutes before you begin scraping. To avoid damaging the drywall and loosening the joint tape, ensure the misting is not too strong.

If the texture remains hard after fifteen minutes, respray it and let it dry for fifteen more minutes. If the texture is still hard after this time, it may be painted or added paint to its mixture.

Water penetration is possible in any of these situations. Dry-scraping can be used to remove the paint layer from a painted texture and expose the texture underneath. This texture can then be applied with wet scraping. Dry-scraping may be the best solution for a surface that has been painted or covered with drywall or T&G board.

Cover electrical boxes

You can remove the power from ceiling junction boxes and cover them with painter’s tape. This will ensure that the wiring remains dry even after spraying water on it.

Use the tape to ensure that the sides of the junction boxes overlap. Next, use a utility knife or a razor to trim the perimeter. Be careful not to nick wires.

You can work in small pieces.

You can simplify your work by spraying and scraping small sections at a time. If you are working on large areas at once, the popcorn may dry out before you can remove it. Respray the popcorn, and wait another 15 minutes before scraping.

Use a mud pan to remove the mess.

Use a mud pan to collect the popcorn before it reaches your floor. This is similar to the one used for joint compounds. This will prevent you from tracking the popcorn all over the area you are working on, especially when you move the ladder.

Also, you can clean your scraper with the edge of the Mud Pan after it has become laden with wet texture. You can get a mud pan at home centers.

Prevent gouging

You can prevent your ceiling from getting smashed with your scrapper. This will help you avoid sustaining numerous ceiling wounds that need to be repaired. You can do this with a sander or a file, as well as an electric grinder.

handyman in a ladder-Port St Lucie Popcorn Ceiling Removal _ Drywall Repair Pros


Your ceiling won’t be ready for painting with ordinary scrapping. You will repair any gouges or dings. Before you can paint the ceiling, you will need to sand it.

Let the ceiling dry

The misted drywall should be allowed to dry for a long time. The drywall contains a gypsum core as well as a paper backing. Both can hold water for a considerable time.

Air ventilation and temperature can speed up the drying process. After removing the ceiling texture, allow the room to dry for 24 hours.

Fix ceiling damage

Ceiling scraping can leave gouges, holes, and scratches on your ceiling. Use your scraping tools to apply dust-control drywall compound. Sand-smooth areas with quality sandpaper. Clean the ceiling, and you are ready to paint or prime it.

It’s time to paint!

Finish your ceiling by applying two coats of paint. Trim the edges with a brush and then fill it with the roller. Now you know how to eliminate popcorn ceilings.

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